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Kids Blanket

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A restless child means a restless parent. If your kid is constantly tossing and turning, and can’t get to sleep, that means you’re up most of the time checking on them. Even when they settle in, they will sometimes wake up and tiptoe into your room to bother you. Time spent with kids is precious, but it's important to create a self dependant sleep routine.

Our weighted blankets for children are perfect for settling down your child and making sure that they get the sleep they need. They are designed for children under 25kg but are not recommended for those under the age of two.

Our kids weighted blankets are 38" x 48" making it more affordable than the adults blankets. This size is perfect for travel and even works as a weighted lap pad for adults. If your child is quite tall and growing fast, please consider a 10lb adult weighted blanket. These are 48" x 78".

If your kid is a restless sleeper, the super silent glass microbeads will ensure that they don’t wake up due to excessive noise (some weighted blankets can produce quite a rattle). The cover is minky, soft, and warm - perfect for those kids that need something to snuggle to when they go to bed. The Calming Blanket can help children with ADHD, autism, sensory issues, and restless leg syndrome unwind and sleep better. And, when your child sleeps better, you sleep better, which is not something to take lightly!

Benefits of Using a Kid’s Weighted Blanket

Our weighted blankets (both for adults and for kids) are effective because of something called deep pressure touch stimulation. Therapists have been recommending DPT for years, arguing that it helps calm and relax people. A weighted blanket stimulates the nerve endings and delivers sensory relaxation. Also, it helps your child’s brain figure out exactly where their extremities are in relation to their surroundings, allowing them to relax unwind and calm down.

Some of the benefits of using a weighted blanket for kids include:

  • They can fall asleep faster and staying asleep longer.
  • Provide extra relaxation (especially for children with ADHD).
  • Kids with autism can find the blanket very soothing thanks to the additional feedback.
  • Scientists believe it can result in the release of serotonin and melatonin during the night.

A weighted blanket is especially useful if your child is going through a stressful period. Our weighted blanket is a great, non-pharmaceutical way to deal with them and to ensure that your child gets the sleep and the comfort they need during the night. 


How heavy is your kids weighted blanket?

At this time, we only have one kid-sized weighted blanket that’s approximately 4.85 lbs (2.2 kg). It can be used by most children under 66 lbs (30 kg), not including infants. Ideally, the blanket will be between 8 to 15 % of your child’s weight.

How big is this kids version of the blanket?

Our weighted blanket for kids is 36" x 48" (121cm X 91cm). The 4.5kg is adult length 48" x 78" (191cm x 121cm)

Can my child use the Calming Blanket safely?

The most important safety consideration is that your child can lift the blanket independently. If they can do that, they can safely use the blanket. Please ensure that they do not cover above the neck. The Calming Blanket is not intended for kids under the age of 2.

Will my child like using a weighted blanket?

You know your child best so only you (and them) can answer this question. There are some signs that might signal that they would enjoy sleeping with a bit of added weight.

  • They like heavy pillows and comforters.
  • They enjoy close spaces.
  • They are generally restless and fidgety.
  • They love being hugged and held tightly.

Can adults use this blanket?

Yes, adults can use this blanket but predominantly as a lap pad. If you want to use the blanket for its full therapeutic effect, we suggest checking out our weighted blankets for adults.

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SAFETY - Please do not use the blanket near the open flame. If it rips or starts leaking, dispose of it immediately. Do not ingest the beads.