blue queen sized weighted blanket for anxiety

Queen Blanket

Calming Blankets


Replace your existing quilt today with our Queen Calming Blanket.

This huge blanket measures 215cm by 198cm (85” x 78”), weighs 9kg and uses a 16 inner tie system to keep an even soothing pressure right on top of your entire body.

Weighted blankets can possibly reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, insomnia and many other conditions.

Our Queen Calming Blanket can fit a king size bed yet still packs all the benefits of the single-size blanket:

  • The pressure it applies is even and equally distributed, thanks to expertly sewn inner-blanket pockets that hold the glass beads in place.
  • 16 inside ties ensure that the blanket does not bunch up inside the cover and that the weight is always right where it needs to be - on your body.
  • The cover is made from the ultra plush minky fabric that is warm and soft to the touch and feels as if you’re covering with a fluffy, velvety cloud.
  • The inner blanket and the cover are easy to separate, and are completely machine-washable, making maintenance hassle-free.

If you’re purchasing a weighted blanket because you have a serious case of insomnia, or you have a sensory disorder that prevents you from relaxing and sleeping well, we’d like to invite you to consider getting our single-sized Calming Blanket.

Although this extra large weighted blanket is effective, with a smaller one, the weight is more focused on your body, which can potentially provide better sleep results. We also find that not sharing a weighted blanket is the best way to get its benefits.

That said, we thought long and hard on how to make a large weighted blanket that lives up to the task. That’s why we have settled on the 203cm by 152cm size - a large enough blanket to cover two people, but not so large that it dangles off the sides of the bed.